Audio live recording /mixing in stereo and 5.1 surround

Filming of live shows with mobile and fixed cameras

Film-editing and DVD creation

From start to finish

You’re a confirmed act or starting out, you want to give your fans
more than just the regular album, you feel that your act is visually
impressive, you play that beautiful location that you always wanted
to be in...

We can help you capture that special night and turn it into a great
product for you to release as DVD, bonus video on CD or TV
documentary - for a fraction of the price of regular production

Our crews are seasoned pros with a long list of references

Our approach is very flexible as we don’t have huge trucks and
tons of equipment to install.

There is always a solution to match your expectations without
exceeding your budget

What we offer - how we work

We record the sound onto professional mobile equipment straight out
of the FOH-desk with an average of 28 available channels.

We film the show with a minimum of 3 mobile operators and additional
fixed-position cameras, giving us enough angles to edit your show to a
modern and appealing standard.

All mixing in stereo and surround is done in-house in Logic Studio -
unless you want to spend more budget in a big recording studio.

All video-editing is also done in-house using Final Cut Studio with
additionalcolor-correction.You can even transfer your old archive
tapes to add bonus scenes to your DVD.

We can also elaborate and author a final DVD with menus, trailers,
additional soundtracks etc